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Replacing Pesticide by enriched water

Residues of plant protection products can be nowadays found in almost all

Saving trees through water

Pulp and paper making is renowned as one of the most water

Energy saving in the Petrochemical industry

In the petrochemical industry there is a global problem of large volumes

Aeration Boosting at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Over 80% of wastewater is released to the environment without adequate treatment

Highly efficient autonomous toilets solutions for small spaces

Toilets that are not connected to a sewage system are traditionally either

Plant growth boost from nourishing water

Drip irrigation is a common, efficient and clean way that large plantations

Reducing animal antibiotics through clean water

The quality of animal’s drinking water is of fundamental importance in livestock

Bleach Free Fruit Washing

Fruit needs to be washed in order to remove dirt and mud