About us

About Us

Watermax is based in Switzerland and collaborates with industry leaders, natural science experts and research institutes of various fields, to develop the application opportunities of nanobubbles. The Watermax team is fascinated by the recent discovery of nanobubbles and the fundamental implications they entail. The first air-water applications showcase incredible yields enabled by the groundbreaking gas/liquid efficiencies of nanobubbles. Mastering the art and science of bulk nanobubble generation it is set to transform entire industries, and to contribute significantly in rising to our global environmental footprint challenges.

Watermax has developed and continues to invest in proprietary technology of nanobubble generation and the related proprietary data and algorithms. Today Watermax is leading the bulk generation of nanobubbles in waste water treatment, agriculture and industrial applications. We translate nanobubbles to relevant business applications by developing the equipment and the software required to make the technology easily adoptable and instantly relevant to an industry. To maximize impact we focus on easy to install & maintain, remote controlled devices. Our focus enables us to drive fast adoption in an industry and to continuously improve the impact through nanobubble optimization algorithms. Watermax is unique in combining hard sciences, applicative expertise and mechanical engineering with a native IT approach to application data and software development.

Watermax proprietary software enhances nanobubble devices with data collection, remote control and use optimization. It is our focus on data collection that fuels and attracts our experts to develop the exciting applications that change industries and make an impact on the world. Watermax is supported by a growing team of global experts in software development, chemistry, water process engineering, micro-biology and mechanical engineering passionate to develop the frontier of nanobubble technology into industry relevant applications.