Aeration Boosting at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Over 80% of wastewater is released to the environment without adequate treatment (UNESCO, 2017). The opportunities from exploiting waste-water as a resource are enormous. Safely managed waste-water is an affordable and sustainable source of water, energy and nutrients.

Despite the lack of wastewater treatment capacity, the existing wastewater treatment plants already consume as much as 1% of global energy. This is because oxygen is required for the breakdown of organic waste through aerobic processes and today there is no better way to oxygenate water than to continuously blow air and / or pure oxygen into the water.

Nanobubbles offer ground breaking solutions for waste-water treatment plants through the super saturation of water with oxygen. Wastewater treatment plants can be boosted significantly at a high energy effeciency. The more buffers of oxygen can be created to remove the stress from peak demand loads.